Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm Known to Rock the Microphone

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At Grandpa's 70th Birthday - guess who loved to get up close to the mic to say a few things.

Missing Summer Pool Time

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On a chilly day like today, its nice to think back to the hot summer days. Dek loves pool time and is even currently taking a winter swim class, well pre-swim, he's mostly just splashing around with one of us and we're paying $10 for 30 minutes of it a week. He used to love using his foot to stop the little fountains of water before getting upset when they'd splash back into his face when he moved his foot.

Dek the Mischievous

August 13, 2012

We didn't post this a few months ago when it happened. But check out that goose egg and the ensuing brick we sh*t when we saw it develop on his head after he ran, tripped and fell on the corner of a stepping stone.

Cost of Emergency Room Co-Pay: $125
Cost of Tini's anxiety: Nearly a heart attack

Luckily, our mischevious boy was just fine and the egg swelled down a few hours afterwards and he was back to his reckless self.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Lucky Pumpkin!

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Here's the Lucky Pumpkin we won. Dek and Mercy are on the future home of their grandparents, just right around the corner from our neighborhood.

Alcova Heights Halloween Parade

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Finally getting to October photos (don't ask how the time gets away from me). You'll see a rash of posts of Dek the Racoon, co-starring cousin Mercy as a Dinosaur.

Here's the first set where they participated in their first Alcova Heights Halloween Parade. Dek napped a bit late so that meant that they ended up missing the parade (the group had left down the hill), but we did make it to the park. We won a pumpkin a raffle!