Sunday, February 27, 2011

Laughing with Tito Emil

For those who haven't already seen Derek's giggle attack while hanging out with his Tito Emil and Lola in Cali.

At the Long Beach aquarium

We took a trip out to L.A. over presidents day weekend and lots of new things for Dek! He did amazingly well on the plane and even adjusted to the time change quite well. He's been sleepless since we've returned though and has regressed to his needy newborn ways. Hence the lack of posts between work, holding him and last week's rock show. I've had no time to update. Expect more posts on his Cali adventures soon though!
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Three Generations Apart

Here is the last of the Tet photos. Dek and his cousin Elliot with great grandma and her best friend, Cu Yen. So fancy! They are wearing traditional Vietnamese dress, Ao dai, which are satin gowns reserved for special occasions.  We're currently in Cali and will report out soon!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Helping Dad out in the Studio

"Dad, move that keyboard harmony to the chorus"

"Do I have to pose for this photo, I'm working."

One of the few things Mike and I have kept up, possibly to Dek's detriment (though I doubt it), is the rock n' roll.  Truth be told, seems that bedtime is easier on days that my band is rehearsing or when Mike is working out the latest recording in the basement studio. The musical stuff is blending somewhat seamlessly into the picture. We figured he's going to have to get used to it, might as well get him started early!  Mike and I did talk about what we really wanted to hang on to once Dek came into the picture and we both decided to keep plugging at the musical projects.  Mike watches Dek when I practice or play a show, and I'll have him on days where Mike is working on new beats in the studio. So far, so good. In fact, so good that I played a show with my band at the Rock N' Roll hotel (check it out, we're awesome - don't you love my shameless self-promotion).  My next DC gig is at the Velvet Lounge next Friday, February 25. I really hope some of my peeps can make it out (you know who you are, don't give me excuses, my baby is less than 4 months old and I'm PLAYING).    Dek is starting to sleep longer at night so though I am guilt racked when I go to a show or out for the night, he's basically asleep the whole time. What a waste of guilt. Rock on!
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dek's Tet Outings

Happy Year of the Cat! Here is Derek being baby about town. He went to two New Year Banquets at Fortune's Restaurant. Visited grandma and hosted his own new years dinner at home too. What a socialite! (Click the photo to see a larger version of the collage).
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Three Months Old!

Can you believe this little guy is already 3 months old! He's almost doubled in weight (not yet) and has awoken from his newborn slumber to be a very fun and happy baby. We're so lucky to have him! According to the lunar year, he's already a year old. We don't celebrate birthdays - every one just ticks up another year when Tet rolls around. Luckily, Dek is still pretty small and adorable to us and not quite that big yet.

New Years Greetings!

So no, he's not talking yet, but it looked like he could...
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New Years Eve (Le Giao Thua) with Ong Ba

The next few posts will be about Tet festivities, so get ready for lunar new year overload. These are at Ong Ba's house (grandparents - on my side) for "Le Giao Thua" which is the equivalent to New Year's Eve. Usually, Tet is celebrated over 2 weeks beginning with the night before where you usually return home, pray to the ancestors for a good beginning and greet each other with new years wishes.

I was lucky to be off work still and we ventured home for lots of good eating and quality time with the grandparents.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Year of the Rabbit/Cat

Dek's gomother Uyen got him a nice ao dai to wear for Tet.
He collected plenty of lixi (red envelopes) for his first new year.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Out at Cho Tet (New Year Market) & Lunch

Here is Dek on his first stop of many during the new year of the Cat (Vietnamese Zodiac dictates this year as Cat, not Rabbit - don't ask. We just like to be different from the Chinese in this singular zodiac symbol).

First stop was the crowded cafeteria of Langley High School for the Vietnamese New Year Market. Usually this time of year back in the homeland, lots of market goodies ranging from fresh flowers, sweet n' sticky treats, trinkets for kids and household wares are being sold all around. New year time is time for an auspicious new start. He slept through most of the lion dancing while bouncing around in the sling. His godmother/aunt Bac Uyen got him some new threads that he will be showcasing in the next few posts.
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Dek's Tummy time

  Here is Dek practicing his tummy time skills and me being a pushy mother in the background (it was inevitable, people). Tons of posts to come on his lunar new year adventure but for now enjoy his increasing head and neck strength.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Too much action...

Lots of lunar new year action tuckered Dek out. More posts to come about that.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Here is the stud muffin hanging out with Jake and Gemma. He's starting to babble alot and making lots of fun sounds that entertain us all. However, every time I turn on the camera its like Dek goes instantly into his solemn and silent face. Camera shy already.
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