Monday, September 30, 2013

Fun at Adventuredome


One of the few 'pluses' (if you can call it that) of staying at Circus Circus. The very small set of rides at AdventureDome which Derek of course loved, minus the "roller coaster" that he was yelling on the whole time. We did get a video of it though. Too awesome.
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Friday, September 27, 2013

Vegas Cousin Time: Part II


Another day, another buffet. I am sad to report that the major activity while vacationing for us eating. There are no pictures of landmarks, quirky posing or "look I was here" apparently, as parents all we can manage is to snap a few photos of the kiddos running around dinner time.

Derek with other Vegas cousins, William (7) and Lily (5), who were very sweet. Its an experience I never had, growing up in a big sprawling family that was spread out across the U.S. and beyond.  Cousins were well acquainted with one another by the end and hopefully they'll be able to see each other before the get too big.

We enjoyed the Wicked Spoon Buffet at the new Aria Casino. I have to tell you this was the last day of our trip and we literally could not eat anymore. The excess. Too much. Time to head back to Washington. 
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Vegas Cousin Time: Part I


We brought Derek for his first Vegas experience (at the tender age of 2.5, he will have to wait about another 18.5 years until he reaches the legal gambling age). Though it meant a different experience, that is less gambling and boozing more trying to navigate through Casino floors without lingering too long in fear of being stopped by rent-a-cops, Derek enjoyed the trek out west. Best of all, he got to meet his Vegas cousins. Here he is with Sammy, age 7, at the Studio B Buffet at M Casino. They ate several plates of food. I was shocked to see the sticker prices for kids buffet price (over 4) was almost $30! We ate our moneys worth though and so did the kids - Dek most of all since he was free :)
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Philly & Popsicles


I went to a La Leche League Leader Development Seminar outside of Philly, so we made a stop in the city of Brotherly Love/Home of the Constitutional Convention, as I think of it. We ran around the historic area a bit, since we came in the evening the Liberty Bell was already closed. We made our way to South Street, which was a bit too seedy on a Saturday night to be enjoying with Dek. Trying to navigate the sidewalks, to get a cheese steak at Jim's  was impossible so we went to this little indie popsicle joint instead. Ice cream for dinner. Yum.
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Encounter with the Stinky Flower


This summer the Titan Arum, or more commonly known affectionately as the Corpse Flower for its distinct rotting flesh smell (yum), bloomed at the National Botanical Garden for about 48 hours.  We were lucky enough to catch it! Though luckily we did not have to whiff its famous smell which only lasts for the first 12 hours or so. Derek was very excited to see "the stinky flower" and asked about it for weeks after as well. Here we are in our close encounter along with some more exploration. The garden is only about 4 blocks from where I work so we do like to visit a few times a year, especially for special events and the trains display at Christmas time.
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More fun with Yukino & Dad's Bday

Dek & Yukino get in the hula hoop action
With Great Grandma (Cu Co)
Happy Birthday Dad!

Again, sorry for the bum rush of photos but here's more summertime fun with Tokyo friend Yukino and celebrating Dad's bday with a cake made in a rice cooker!
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Rock Thrower

We're doing a summer catch up here because I've not had any time to help organize the photos.  I remember the days when we were so impulsive to upload and sort all photos as soon as we took them, now they sit on the camera/phone/tablet/whatever device for months as we try to keep on top of it all. Doesn't matter though since Dek man seems to enjoy the simpler things in life (well, we're trying hard to gear him that way). Mike taught him the excellent and fun hobby of throwing rocks into creeks. We're lucky enough to live biking distance from W&OD trail and there are lots of little streams and creeks for him to enjoy this new found hobby of his. 
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Visiting Lolo

Each year we take Derek to visit his Lolo (grandpa) who is interred at the Naval Academy. Derek Sr. was one of the few Filipinos who was selected from a nationwide exam to attend one of America's military academies, so it great to honor him and those who serve by visiting and paying our respects. We even have a photo a few years back from when Dek was just a little guy, he's grown quite a bit and is starting to understand that seeing Lolo is a bit different than visiting his other grandparents.
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