Friday, February 28, 2014

Dek & the Snowboy

Dek & Frostyboy

Snow Digging

Its been a very snowy winter. Here is one of our earlier snows where we got outside to the Dek to build a snowboy (given his size, didn't seem that he was a full grown snowman). We improvised with some cranberries ad we didn't have any coal or a carrot for a nose.  Dek has taken a keen interest in some winter past times such as sledding and skating, though its mostly just him slipping around outside in his snowboots.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

About Town

Dino Dek

At the San Francisco Cable Car Museum with Co Christine and Tito Kyle

Rock Steady Dek

Our whirlwind tour of San Fran continues...

The Fun Machine

Still trying to catch up with postings since we've been having some issues blogging through Picasa. Sorry about that. Here is Dek in San Fran with good buddy, and future entrepreneurial mentor, Tito Kyle. Dek is learning the ways of a keyboard organ machine that seemed like endless amounts of fun.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Good times with Great Lola

We visited with Dek's great-grandma - here are all 3 generations of Favilas having a happy smile together.

A delicious cone (before it was yaked up)


Scarfing it down...


Derek has been enjoying his life as a post-dairy allergic kiddo (though he now claims to be allergic to vegetables?!). Our first stop before visiting family in Stockton was to the Ghirardelli Factory store where he had some high quality ice cream (his first full cone!) and then proceeded to throw it all up since he hate it too fast. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014


On the go!
 We made it out of LA and into crunch San Francisco  where they of course have a yoga room at the airport. Here is Dek practicing tree pose before we make our way to visit friends and family in the Bay Area.

Tree Pose

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The last of Disneyland


Here is the final moments of Disney. It was just one, very eventful day. Here we are at the Small World ride and then driving taxis in Toon Town. All in all a great time for Derek and he stayed awake long enough for fireworks, but decided to go through and play the Buzz Lightyear Alien shooter game 3x in a row. So when everyone asked him what he liked about Disney the most, he responds, "I liked shooting aliens" which is not what you really expect to hear.
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Mouse Himself


Now this is the real deal. Derek was totally and completely *in awe* of Mickey. Once Dek realized we were in line to see the great mouse himself, he was beyond thrilled and totally star struck. There was this really cute conversation that happened, where Dek tried talking to Mickey. Something along the lines of "Hi Mickey... pause. How are you..ok, see you later." We had asked him earlier what he might say to Mickey and it was hilarious to see him try to engage the mouse himself. Also he gave a fist bump and high-five, of course.
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Dek & Pluto


Look who we ran into in Toon town. Derek was a little apprehensive, but then he got into it at the end of the visit.
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happiest Place on Earth!

We finally made it to Disneyland on our Cali adventures!
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Toon Town!


Part of our LA adventure in December, Derek visits Disneyland Toontown. He loved it, especially Goofy's house.
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Happy New Year - Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

For all 3 devoted readers, sorry for falling off the bandwagon in January. We're starting 2014 off a bit slowly with all the cold.

Derek had transitioned to a new preschool and just keeping us busy all around (mostly arguing). Case in point:
Me: Derek - time for dinner.
Derek: Why? I'm not hungry yet.
Me: Looks like monkey is hungry.
Derek: No, he told me he's not hungry yet.

All those tactics I used to get him to do things, now being turned against me. Ah well, we just celebrated year of the horse for lunar new year so here is the little man all dressed up. Finally organized photos from Disney and will get some holiday ones up soon.