Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Helping Dad out in the Studio

"Dad, move that keyboard harmony to the chorus"

"Do I have to pose for this photo, I'm working."

One of the few things Mike and I have kept up, possibly to Dek's detriment (though I doubt it), is the rock n' roll.  Truth be told, seems that bedtime is easier on days that my band is rehearsing or when Mike is working out the latest recording in the basement studio. The musical stuff is blending somewhat seamlessly into the picture. We figured he's going to have to get used to it, might as well get him started early!  Mike and I did talk about what we really wanted to hang on to once Dek came into the picture and we both decided to keep plugging at the musical projects.  Mike watches Dek when I practice or play a show, and I'll have him on days where Mike is working on new beats in the studio. So far, so good. In fact, so good that I played a show with my band at the Rock N' Roll hotel (check it out, we're awesome - don't you love my shameless self-promotion).  My next DC gig is at the Velvet Lounge next Friday, February 25. I really hope some of my peeps can make it out (you know who you are, don't give me excuses, my baby is less than 4 months old and I'm PLAYING).    Dek is starting to sleep longer at night so though I am guilt racked when I go to a show or out for the night, he's basically asleep the whole time. What a waste of guilt. Rock on!
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