Sunday, May 15, 2011

Six Months Old!

Hi everyone, sorry about the lack of updates. My return to work full time coupled with the ongoing madness of Asian Heritage Month activities has left me little time but to collapse from exhaustion (while cuddling with Dek, of course). Luckily Dek is very understanding about his overcommitted parents and rolling with the punches.

What can I say though, Derek continues to be his awesome little self, spreading joy and serious looks everywhere.  He's so active now - jumping in his jumperoo, scooting in his baby walker and babbling endlessly. He cut his first tooth in the last week or so. I noticed it when he BIT me while nursing. Ouch. After months of his night owl ways, he is also sleeping in longer blocks (5-6 hours is considered through the night, so I will celebrate though I know this is all going down the drain when we travel in a few weeks).  I've also noticed his getting stronger - he can stand up supported, sit wit support, rolls over to both sides (when he feels like it) and does well being carried in the hip position.

Here are his 6 month stats:
Weight 17.1 lbs (50th Percentile)
Height 27 inches (75th Percentile)
Head 17 3/4 inches (90th Percentile)

He's thinned out a bit from his SuperChunk days, not unusual for a fully breastfed baby (I made it to the 6 month mark completely breastfeeding, somehow. I will continue to torture myself by pumping in the closet at work and in various locales.)  He did outright REJECT solid food when we tried it earlier this month, which I am (wrongly) happy about. So much easier to travel and feed him when I am the food.

Also I lost, then found my camera. So I will be posting more photos shortly.

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