Sunday, April 29, 2012

If Only I Were a Panda

Dek boy (16 months) with Mike in NC at the Duke Botanical Garden. Still getting caught up on photos here and will be a few more weeks to get fully up to date. He seems to particularly enjoy Bamboo groves, perhaps its his Asian roots (yuk yuk) getting to him.

We have found that gardens are great places to take Dek so that he has lots of room to run around and explore. As he's become sturdier over the last few months, its easier to let him run free. Issue is when we're in areas when he'll be mowed down by cars or can get away so quickly and is half-way up a set of stairs before we can catch up. He is still only selectively listening to directions. I feel like I'm constantly hovering. Except when I'm not and in those 2 seconds he'll fall down and scrape himself pretty badly. Sigh. Life with toddler.
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