Saturday, August 25, 2012

Starstruck! First encounters with (life-size) Elmo

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It is totally our own fault that one of Dek's most repeatedi words these days is Elmo. Earlier on when Dek was just barely over 12 months and he'd be crying in the car, we'd put on the youtube of "Elmo Song" and it would magically get him to calm down. It was a parenting nugget I had picked up from one of my more experienced parent friends. Just put on some kids music if they are flipping out in the car. One time we left Elmo song on loop for 1 hour while driving back from New York just to keep him calm when it was way past bedtime. Months later he started recognizing "La La" (Elmo sings la la la alot, so Dek thought that was his name.) Shortly after he has been obsessed with Elmo and points to him at every point, asks for videos and trys to steal other children's Elmo toys). When we were in Williamsburg and had the chance to go visit Elmo in the flesh (er, fur?). Derek was totally amazed and pretty scared at first. He was very hesitant to meet Grover and Cookie, but then he got very excited by Elmo and wanted to hug him. I think it was the sheer size of "live Elmo" that was a bit much.

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