Saturday, December 29, 2012

Younger Dek Begins his Education


Long overdue, these are Dek's pictures from his first days of the weekday program (kinda like pre-pre school), when he was just a 20 month old. Now a full-fledged 2 year old, he loves going to the 1-day a week program where he gets to play, have snack, nap and story time. Those first few months were rough. I'd leave and there would be the "MAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAA" screams. It was heartbreaking, but after a few weeks, he got used to the routine and was finally happy to go there. I've noticed him now "asking" to go ("Sk-ool! Su-kool Skool, pease!") when we walk by the church.  continued social behavior with him, especially around other kids. He's always been a very untypical toddler and has a huge willingness to share (most of the time), but its nice to see him learn to play with others. Most importantly, he has not bitten anyone at the program so its thus far a success.
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