Friday, August 2, 2013

Bowie Baysox!

Here is Dek with buddy Conor and Jake (Jake is photobombing in the back). Its been a busy summer, hence the slow rate of posts. Derek spent the afternoon hanging at the game (not sure if they made it past the 4th inning).
In other updates...
Dek has been in preschool for "summer school" most of July, but lots of weekend trips and summer adventures to be had. The good news is he's made alot of progress on not peeing in his pants (he has been poo trained since before he was 2, like around 15-18 months, but the pee has been a much bigger challenge which I think has to do with physical limitations - he literally is still peeing 12 times a day sometimes). He's taking swimming lessons and we're headed to Vegas later this month. Stay cool and we'll keep you posted on all things Derek. 
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