Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Farm Boy


During the 2 weeks of furlough, Dek and I had some extra time to go on adventures. We made it out to Cox Farm's Fall Festival on a weekday to enjoy the haystacks. The place was teeming with school aged kids which was a bit intimidating for Derek, as he had to fight his way through lines with the big kids at the slides. I was kind of shocked of the rough and tumble that happens when everyone is trying to get to the top - no order, teachers/parents are pushy and the staff is not helpful in enforcing the first come, first serve model. I felt a bit helicopter parent-like hovering with Derek to make sure he didn't keep getting pushed down or just shoved over. All and all though, it was a great sunny day and we even got Tita Wuiping to join us. Dek certainly enjoyed the pumpkins, animals and slides.
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