Thursday, August 11, 2011

Everything is for Eating

Dek loves to chew on everything. Recently, I found most of the books he had were missing corners and edges. Even the playmat that is where he rolls around is well chewed at the edges.

He just got his 4th tooth (@ 9 months). So that's two at the bottom and the two top. Our little guy is growing so fast. Also, he finally started some crawling (belly only). He would only crawl after a bottle (very motivated). After a few rounds of moving the bottle too much he finally yaked up the milk and we realized it would be necessary to incentivize him with something else.

He's still on all breastmilk and some veggies. Not really into trying more foods, just into spitting things out he finds undesirable. We made him mashed potatoes - rejected. So sad.
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