Monday, October 22, 2012

Out the Door

Here we are headed out. Dek is always reminding me to put a hat on him. He'll tap his head and say "Mu! Mu!" (Hat in Vietnamese). Then he'll point to my head and insist I wear one too "Mama mu! mu!" Technically Mu is the northern word for hat, I like it that he's turning into a "Bac-Ky" boy.

I'll try to post the rest of his photos from pre-age 2 in the next few weeks as we count down to his 2nd birthday on Nov 4. I am going through2,000 unsorted photos (wha?!) that explains how difficult its been to organize 2 phones that we shoot most photos on and then 2 digital P&S cameras that we often forget to bring with us. We dump them on all kinds of folders, and Picasa's quality to organize was degrading, so I did a manual clean up.  You'll see some more vintage Dek photos plus ones I've promised and still not posted (e.g. first day of preschool, time with cousins, etc). Ah but now we have to be on our way out and on the move!
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