Thursday, October 25, 2012

Triceratops Climbing and such


Again, more rapid posts as I organize the countdown to Dek 2.0! Well, 2 years old that is.

Anyway, here he is around 21 months at the Douglas Park playground a few blocks from our house. Its a nice litte place for toddlers and he really enjoys the sand. Every now and then he'll scale the triceratops. Ever since he started walking well (between 14-15 months) all of his baby fat completely disappeared as he has been one wiggly worm since then and its been hard to keep any weight on him. He'll eat two bowls of rice in some meals (or noodles) yet still skinny minnie he remains. I am a bit nervous he's never eating enough because we're always worried to about getting him enough protein/fat/calcium that he's missing from not drinking cow's milk. The good news is that he's tested negative for peanut and shellfish so far, so we just have to avoid that until age 3 to ensure he doesn't develop an allergy. Food allergies = so confusing. I think its tough  on them especially when they go to school, so hopefully by then he will have outgrown the dairy allergy too (fingers crossed).
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