Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Thanksgiving with Great Grandma

My grandma raised me. She came to the US when I was 2 and was my main caretaker growing up. I always looked up to her - she practically raised her two daughters on her own under very tough circumstances. She was literate, at a time when few women were in Vietnam.

I used to share a room with her until I was about 4 years old. I loved being her favorite that was until my little sister came along. I always felt so lucky to have her around all the time especially when I heard about other kids who only got to see their grandparents for special occasions and holidays. Growing up she was always the good guy, defending me and taking care of all my siblings. When I got to middle school, she moved down the street to live with my aunt. But she was always there for everything.

She's 95 (!) this year. And still in very good health. She reads, keeps up with Vietnamese soap operas and has a busier social calendar than me. When I told her I was expecting, she was over the moon. Though she never really outwardly pressured me to have kids, I know having great-grandkids was something she really looked forward too. Now this is #2 for her. Every time she comes over, she loves holding baby and dispensing her wisdom ("Don't forget to nurse on both sides, or you'll be lopsided" - gotta love grandma).
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