Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A sleepy snow baby

It's been ridiculously cold so I've mostly avoided going outside. Though you'd think I would get cabin fever with baby, I haven't. In fact, I love being in hibernation mode. After running around all year, its nice to just stay inside and watch reruns of 16 and pregnant and be glad that I'm a) not a teen mom b) not preggo any more.

The other day, we had to venture out to the doctor's, so we needed to get him into his snow suit. Which I love because it has ears! He actually fell asleep for a bit which made the car ride much easier.

Derek was 10 lbs. 11 oz. at his 1 month check up! He's moved from being around the 50th percentile at birth and now into the 75 percentile. What an overachieving eater! Here I was panicking the last few weeks that I wasn't producing enough milk and how he ends up upchucking 1/2 of everything that I feed him. Well, no more of those worries.

Though he rarely sleeps more than 2 hours at a time, I don't mind it too much and I insist on spoiling both of us by holding him almost all the time.
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