Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Frog Action

How awesome is this hat that Dek's Band Auntie Audrey got for him. He's out and about alot with us so alot of these silly shots are of him in his car seat. Don't worry though, we stick close to home so the car trips are not too long.

Unfortunately this past weekend he had his first HIGH fever ever. 103.5! For such a small baby, this is potentially dangerous so he was off to urgent care who then refered him to the Hospital. We were there all night due to all kinds of hijinx, but in the end he is OK. The issue is for young infants (under 6 months), they have to do a pretty in depth work up. They needed a blood count to see if his white blood count was elevated. He got his nose swabbed and a cathether up his weiner (ouch!).

I kid you not the following people tried to poke him for blood.

- 5 ER nurses
- the ER Doctor himself
- 1 pediatric nurse

They tried both his feet. A heel stick. Both arms, his wrist. It was horrifying to watch. The ER doctor got a sample from his wrist but they claimed that the blood had clotted, so they needed another sample. Finally they were about to just send him home b/c his fever had come down with some tylenol (inserted rectally unfortunately) - the peds nurse got a heel stick (where they actually cut your heel and push out blood) to work. I felt so bad for him, everytime he was about to fall asleep, they'd wake him up and start feeling around for a vein.

Aaaaaah. So frustrating. He slept all Sunday and is now on the mend. Phew. First fever over.
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