Monday, March 14, 2011

With Ms. Sharon - our hypnobirthing/yoga instructor.

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Here is Dek with the amazing Ms. Sharon. She was my hypnobirth & Prenatal Yoga instructor and also taught the Itsy Bitsy Yoga class for babies that we took these last few months.

For all those that laughed at my hippie notions of natural childbirth - behold - this is the woman that helped me and Derek do it! She's runs several pregnancy related classes in this little Alexandria Yoga Studio. You can learn more about her from

For those that I haven't regaled of my tale of birth, here are some highlights. I was in labor for almost a whole 24 hours before I finally "gave in" to going to the hospital. I thought about walking in the rain since sitting still was probably the toughest thing. Despite the fact I was going to break anyone's arm that tried to put an IV/epidural/anything interventionist near me during labor - turns out I had a very normal, natural progression of labor, so all those extraordinary measures were never necessary. Plus I had a fabulous Doula, Ellen and Mike at my side helping me through. All that support was really key. Sharon gave me so much good information on what to expect and how to advocate for the birth that I wanted. Dek was such a good baby even in the womb - that he gave me breaks during labor and made good progress so the doctors never worried about him. I could have done without the 2 hours of pushing at the end, but he did make his way out 100% naturally and since then our adventure has only gotten better. I feel that alot of the endless breathing exercises I practiced during pregnancy still help him fall asleep while he's laying on top of me.

On our last day of class, Ms. Sharon joked to me to "get pregnant again and come see me again soon!". I don't know how soon it will be, but having her all those months of pregnancy was wonderful to know and understand what would be coming my way.

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