Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yogi Derek Graduates

Here is Derek "graduating" from his Itsy Bitsy Yoga class. He attended two classes on this particular day so wait for more "graduation" photos from his other main class. He even got a certificate declaring him a Yogi of Itsy Bitsy Yoga.

Itsy Bitsy Yoga is just a fun thing (though I'm sure I hear the snickers everywhere of what-kind-of-weirdo-hippie-something) that I signed us up for these last few months. It was taught by Sharon, my Hypnobirth and Prenatal Yoga instructor and I found it to be very cool. Mostly just to meet other new moms who are also concerned about sleeping, breastfeeding, solid foods, pooing, etc. Good to hear from others so that you know that your fussy baby isn't the only one. The nice thing too is that they taught infant massage so on some days after class Derek would actually nap for 3 hours. I kid you not. It only happened a few times, but it was a thing of beauty and awe.
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