Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cheese, please!


As Dek has been outgrowing his dairy allergy, we've been incorporating some baked dairy into his diet. Back in March, during my sister's St. Patty's Day party, he snuck a few cubes of cheese while we weren't looking.  I nearly had a freakout and jabbed him with an Epi Pen, but luckily  his symptoms were just some scratching that could be alleviated with Benedryl. Scary though!  So we've now moved him onto some more gentle sheep and goat cheese that cost an arm and leg (no really, its like $30/lb - but Mike is a total cheese snob). So here he is snacking on some Garrotxa (I think?) - a goat cheese from a region by the same name in Catalonia. We figured he might as well eat it properly, so we fixed him up with some water crackers and cranberry to smooth out the taste. 
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