Friday, May 3, 2013

Move over Morimoto

There is a new top chef in town. Dek was at his Bac Cun (my older sister)'s place and she had wrestled away this awesome well-loved kitchen toy from a good friend. I'm pretty sure its from the 80s because tis still got the awesome wallpaper trip around the side. Derek has been more interested in everyday tasks such as cooking ("More Cooking! Derek do more cooking!"). Its so great to see him pickin up more words and start into sentences a bit, even with poor grammar. My favorite recently is "I Fall" especially when he takes a huge tumble and pulls himself up.

Besides his play kitchen, he's actually quite helpful in the kitchen. We are probably not following parenting 101 guidelines very well when we actually pick him up and let him stir huge boiling pots of soup or stir fly - but we figure its good to expose him early and prepare Dek for the reality that as soon as he can manage, that he'll be cooking the meals for us.
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