Saturday, May 25, 2013

How to Eat Ramen


Let's zoom forward to May (real time), where we made a small trip to NYC for my birthday. We'll talk a bit about Dek's adventure's to the Big Apple. First stop, after dropping off our luggage in our cute little hotel in the "Flower District" - yes there were alot of florists on that street, we made our way just a few steps to the local Ramen jont - Ajisen Ramen. It wasn't nothing to write home about but it was close and we were hungry and noodles fit the bill. Here is Dek's method advice on eating the good stuff.
1) Use your hands
2) Eat continuously.
3) Slurp and suck up noodles.
4) Eat all your parents food so they have to order more.

A very good lunch!
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