Thursday, March 17, 2011

Four Months Old!

                                                                Yum this hand is good.

Hello everyone....
                                                         Ooooh, look at my neck strength.

                                                                Smiling lots now.

Here are some action shots of Dek at four months old! He went in for his four month visit to the pediatrician this week. Here are his stats:
75th percentile for weight (15.9 lbs)
90th percentile for height (25 3/4 inches)
90th percentile for head circumference (17 1/2 inches).

Our boy is growing! He's had a pretty rash of ezcema due to my diet. I've gone on an extreme elimination diet to help him stop breaking out in a major rash. Its totally ridiculous.

No dairy
No nuts
No shellfish
No eggs
No wheat

Basically nothing good. There was ice cream cake at work today and I almost cried giving it up. I'm so selfish. Anyway, more about Derek instead of me.

He's cooing and giggling lots. He's learning to play peek-a-boo. He still hasn't rollover all the way, only to one side. He's enjoying "jumping" and "standing" lots and is quite the squirmy guy now. He's such a loveable and happy baby.  We've also got the night time routine down more regularly so that we're all getting some sleep (this will probably last for 3-4 days). We're so lucky. This baby is awesome.
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