Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Another sleepy baby photo

Here is Derek doing what he does best (though it seems he is doing less of it). Sleep! He's taking a nap in his car seat before we head out.

Sorry for lack of updates, we're under this massive project to reorganize photos in the last 10 years into a media server that all the computers are networked too. There are two people that can use computers in my house (Mike and I), yet we have like 8 computers - and A SERVER. Its out of control.

I had photos spread out all over the place on memory cards, various laptops, the netbook, SD cards, videos on the FLIP - so we're consolidating and organizing. Remember the days when you had 24 or 36 pictures per roll and that was it? Yes, I miss those days now I'm trying to go through albums of 200 photos and figure out if these are the same baby shower photos or different ones...

Anyway, Derek weighed in at the Breastfeeding Center at 9 lbs yesterday! He was wearing a diaper and shirt - so probably closer to the higher end of 8 lbs. but weight gain is going well. Some nights he is waking EVERY 2 HOURS to eat (hearty appetite) which is great, but exhausting. I know I should give in and just give him a bottle, but the nazi in me wants to wait a few more weeks. I selfishly like being the only one who can feed him.

In the meantime, for those who care, the Breastfeeding Center in DC is an AMAZING resource for new mommies (snore for others), but they are a great non-profit doing awesome work. I don't know if I would have survived the last few weeks without their classes. The director of the center, Pat Shelly, was actually featured a few years back in the Washington Post as the "breast whisperer". I kid you not.

Here is their website since I'm waxing on about them They do take donations so they can help out needy/low-income folks who can't afford very expensive consultation appointments. I just went again yesterday and it was great to link up with other folks and get some "instruction" on how to handle feeding a small human.
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