Friday, November 19, 2010

Vital Poop Stats

Hello there. I am guest blogger Mike, weighing in on main Tini's blog. LUKE I'M ALSO YOU'RE FATHER. Ok, I'll stop.

Tini has provided many of the important facts, but I should note some of Derek's hit list. What I'm referring to, is all the times he has sneak attack poop and peed us.

Let's see:

Times he's peed on his own face while sprayiing my shirt with poo: 1

Times he's hit the wall: 2

Times he pooped on his onesie and made grandma run away: 2

Times he peed/pooped right after we changed him: 12+

Times he's smiled knowingly after taking a dump in my hand: Everytime

Thanks son. I guess it begins.

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