Sunday, November 14, 2010

With his (Fairy?) Godmother

Uyen is my older sister. In fact most people know that because we share a name --the whole, she's Thuy Uyen, I'm Uyen-Minh and little sister is Minh-Chau... so complex-- its why I go by Tini b/c its so much easier to figure out which sister I am.

Mike and I asked her to be Derek's godmother because we know she has alot of love to share with our baby and also, she's an attorney which might be helpful one day if our boy decides to be a hellraiser.

Last night she was on her way to the ball (literally, her and her hubby Joe were going to the Marine Corps Ball) and I thought it would be funny if she could come pose in her fancy dress fairy godmother-style with baby. She was totally up for it and here she is in her dazzling gown and Derek rewore the duckpants for the occasion.
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