Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Very Merry Holiday to You!

Presents, please

Getting Chummy with the Dude that gives presents

Derek the Sears Catalog Version

[I'm going to get back to posting a SLEW of Cali Trip postings in a bit...]

 But just in time for Xmas, wanted to wish everyone a a great holiday with some of Dek's school and Santa photos (soo cheesey, no idea how the photogs get the kids to pose like this!)

Dek is really into the holidays this year compared to last, where there was a slight understanding of Santa and presents but no where the excitement and anticipation.  Derek has been asking if every day is Xmas, and its our fault for not really pushing the concept of a calendar on him, but basically - He's REALLY excited. We've told him to just ask for 1 gift, so he's asking Santa for a "fishing game" and then he'll say "and THAT'S ENOUGH!" just to emphasize he's not being a greedy present seeker.  He's also singing along to more holiday tunes, his favorites being Silver Bells and Frosty.

We've only broken a few ornaments this year, but there is still time.

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