Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Beach Boy


Being in sunny Cali for Thanksgiving was amazing. Here we are at Seal Beach enjoying the sand and ocean waves. Though it was too cold for a swim, Derek was happy to "cook" up a lot of sand dishes for us. Though we didn't have toys, we learned the brilliant idea of stopping by a Dollar Store for some toys while traveling. It works wonders as everything is very affordable and keeps you from having to bring things with you from home. Seal Beach has a larger retiree population so the strip malls are full of home-health and hearing aid services - but I kid you not - the Dollar Store there was amazingly well stocked with lots of really good toys! Since we're from Latinoland, our "Dolar Tren" always looks like, well a train-wreck, so Dek was happy with his new dump truck, cooking set and colander. We headed to the kitchen aisle when we realized that we were too late into the season for sand castle molds.
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