Thursday, December 12, 2013

Spoils of Halloween


Dek traded up to tiger status this year, given his ongoing fondness/obsession with zoo animals, I didn't encourage him to be Hulk or a Pirate instead. Here we are with cousins Mercy, Mai-Ly and Aunt MM who is representing the Star Wars franchise.

Also I'd say trick-or-treating was a bit of a bust this year, Derek though excited to have candy was more excited about the basket we had at home that was ALREADY full of candy. Plus he mentioned, "I don't know these people" [talk about strangers is working/backfiring all at the same time].  We only made it to about 5 houses  before it started raining, and mostly he was interested in eating hte pretzels (?!) and we had to confiscate any potential allergens - which meant all the chocolate basically. He was happy with his sugary stash though and I think we'll be back for more next year.
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