Monday, March 18, 2013

All About Airports

Waiting at the Manila Domestic Airport to go to Cebu

In planning the trip, we were very ambitious in moving Derek between:
3 Countries
7 Cities
1 Long Ferry Ride
Countless taxies (without a car seat, gulp!)

This was our routing Washington -> Tokyo -> Manila -> Cebu -> Bohol -> Manila -> Palawan -> Kuala Lumpur -> Manila -> Tokyo -> Washington (all in 22 days).

That's 10 flights with the little man, both long haul, short regional flights, and even an air taxi ride in a small puddle jumper with an unpressurized cabin. 

We were trying to maximize traveling with good friends and also enjoying vacation. 
Needless to say, we spent 1 out of every 3 days in an airport or doing a transfer to a new city/hotel/location. However, I think we may have overdid it. Nonetheless, Dek wasn't too much worse for wear. Mike and I however didn't get away so easily. Derek was amazingly cooperatively about 80% of the time and we didn't suffer any heavy melt downs on planes. Though we used lollipops and the Ipod more than I would have liked, we made it through without too much incident. Derek now has quite the fondness for planes ("Tau Bay!" - as he would exclaim in Viet. "More Tau Bay!"). Hopefully we'll get him back in the air soon at some point knowing he was able to make

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