Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Climbing Chocolate Hills

 While in Bohol, we got to explore the really nice countryside, which included lots of scenic ride paddies, mountains and greenery.  One of the more remarkable landmarks was "Chocolate Hill" - which are over 1200 limestone formations the size of a small mountains, or rather tall hills, that stretched across the country side. Folk tale has it that they are tears from a giant, or poos from a rather large caribou.  During dawn, they actually look more brown and also in the fall when things dry out a bit, hence the name.  Regardless, it was a very sunny day and Dek had to be carried up pretty high so he could enjoy the view. We were all sweating pretty badly, but glad to see this signature site.

 Doesn't he look thrilled? Not quite. 

Still not as thrilled with dad. 

 Headed down the mountain.  This is where I couldn't really even enjoy things much since I was quite worried he would take tumble that would land him in an accident.  In the weeks following our trip though, Derek will often flip open to the guide book and exclaim "Chocolate Hills!" though he wasn't that impressed on the actual visit. 
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