Monday, March 18, 2013

Good Eats (Lechon!)

The food in the Philippines agreed with Dek Boy. Here he is after we just landed in Cebu and made our way directly to the Lechon joint. Lecon is an incredibly crunch and tasty preparation of suckling pig. The skin basically turned into a crispy shell with tender meat below. Derek helped himself to a whole plateful. 

Derek was so ambitious in eating that he at one point poked his eye with his fork, which caused some trauma, so Mike stepped into help the little guy continue to shovel it down. Though we were pretty vigilant in carrying along the Epi Pen, he didn't really run into too many food allergies. Even better, we've found out that he's starting to outgrow the dairy allergy and hopefully we can introduce peanuts and shellfish into his diet after age 3. Despite his "limited" diet, there was plenty for Dek to eat in the Philippines, and he was the only one that never got any food-related illness. 
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