Monday, March 18, 2013

Timeout in Manila

Dek was a pretty flexible napper and would often sleep in the car on long rides (despite the sweltering heat). It seems I suffered more for hanging out with him in the car in fear of waking sleeping beauty. We did our best to let him nap at least 1 hour, whether in the car or carrier, so that he could stay up a bit later. He mostly went to bed at 9-10pm most nights. 

We made it back from Tagaytay and stopped by Market! Market!, a mall near the newer developments of Fort Bonifacio. Formerly a military area, its turned into a huge hub-bub of commercial development in recent years. Dek enjoyed running around the pop up fountains with other local kiddies. 

There were also these really fun ride on animals that you could drive around for a small fee. I will admit that it was more for me than Dek, but we had a good time nonetheless.
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