Thursday, March 21, 2013

Floating Lunch

 Next stop on the journey was: lunch! We got to enjoy lunch on the boat, or on a "floating restaurant" which was complete with buffet and also a Filipino singer that covered all kinds of obscure 80s power ballads and oldies type music that gave Mike flashbacks of singing for his uncles as a child.

Let me tell you, meat-on-a-stick was a total winner with this little guy. Luckily, he didn't get ill from eating anything on the trip (Mike got a touch of food poisoning after eating at this "floating" restaurant ordeal)

The Loboc River included some amazing views of tropical scenery while we enjoyed our leisurely lunch.

The river cruise stopped at a village where women and children played ukeleles and danced with us. They invited Dek to join in on the fun for a photo op. He happily (mostly) obliged. We totally made him the first one on the boat and start dancing since the rest of us were too shy. Of course, Dek has no issues with the spotlight and loved it.

Like I said, more meat on a stick (I think he hate 5 or 6). What can I say, Dek did not starve on this trip in the least.
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